at the intersection of race, religion and sexuality




Greetings and thank you for visiting my site -- a collection of online content I've published over the last decade stemming from research and practice as a whiteness studies scholar, a secondary and post-secondary school educator, a local journalist and as a social worker doing community outreach for a homeless housing provider in California's rural Humboldt County.


I write about culture, politics and people through personal narrative. My preferred delivery is creative nonfiction with a sociological emphasis on intersectionality, giving special attention to gay identity formation. Currently, I am working on a memoir about growing up gay, white and male in a Roman Catholic, working-class world that is told through a Jungian depth psychological lens.  


My online portfolio is divided by category according to style of content and includes pieces for popular outlets, academic circles, courses taught and personal blogging.


Contact me via email or social media. I am always open to new conversation partners. You'll find my email address and full CV on the Contact page.